Vintage Intel Markings

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 09:42:00 2002

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>I was trying to get some information on this old B1702A chip. I know
>it is a 256x8 chip but someone told me that "B" marked chips are
>normally gray with tin leads.

    I was wondering about the "B" markings. I was sorting a bunch of surplus chips a few days ago including a big pile of 2716s and I found one marked "B 2716". (The complete markings are "i B2716 023D3-V (c) INTEL '77") It has a large square window of frosted material and the window is rasied above the IC surface. All the D 2716s have smaller round clear windows that are flush with the IC surface. The B part and most of the D parts all have tinned leads and gray bodies.

>This one is white ceramic with gold leads. I tried finding something
>on this but have not found this particular marking and colors.
>Anyone know the skinny?


   I looked at this picture and saw the "1602" die marking. The Intel 1602 was a PROM and not an EPROM and other than being non-eraseable was completely compatible with the 1702. I suppose they used the same die but in different packaging. I'm guessing that your 1702 is an early one. I just sold a 1602 to a collector, I think it was the only one that I had ever seen.

>I have 3 variations of these. The ones above, ones that are clearly
>marked C1702A (intel) and one marked C8702A (intel). I suspect even
>the unmarked one is inte.

   I'm sure it is. I have one built exactly like it but mine is marked "i C1702A F5800" above the window and "S314" near the bottom of IC. I found this one in a box of Intel samples. It's still in it's original plastic bubble. I don't have a microscope so I don't know if the die is marked or not.

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