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Date: Mon Dec 16 10:55:27 2002

I get great solace from telling people about my leech tank, and how
tiresome feeding time can be.

On 15 Dec 2002, Christopher McNabb wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 20:17, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> > I should
> > have showed them my radioactive material..... It's part of the old smoke
> > detector I found in the house :-)
> >
> We have a weekly event at Virginia Tech called "Geeks Lunch" where
> people get together and discuss geeky things. Sometimes, people bring
> "Show and tell." I once brought a piece of Trinitite I had picked up
> somewhere and a geiger counter. The challenge for the rest of the group
> was to guess what the "mineral" was.
> Many of my friends and co-workers think I am more than a little odd,
> based on the antique computers, slide-rules, radioactive materials and
> sundry other curiosities I keep around.
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