System/23 Support Disks

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 12:21:00 2002

Does anyone have a set of the IBM System/23 support disks that came with
a System/23?

I have a manual here (Volume 1, Learning to use System/23), and it makes
reference to disks that came with the manual. The disks are:

Customer Support Functions (VOL002)
Learning Diskette (VOL003)

There may be other disks that go with later manuals (there are 7 manuals
total, and I know one of them deals with BASIC, so I would guess there
are disks to go with that as well... I would check but I can't get to the
other manuals right now).

If anyone has these, would they be willing to make me copies if I
supplied the blank 8" disks, postage, and a few bucks for the effort? The
copies that go with my manuals appear to be MIA (I suspect they were used
as blank disks many years ago).


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