Vintage Intel Markings

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 13:34:00 2002

>From: Joe <>
>At 08:26 PM 12/14/02 -0800, you wrote:
>>I was trying to get some information on this old B1702A chip. I know
>>it is a 256x8 chip but someone told me that "B" marked chips are
>>normally gray with tin leads.
> I was wondering about the "B" markings. I was sorting a bunch of
surplus chips a few days ago including a big pile of 2716s and I found one
marked "B 2716". (The complete markings are "i B2716 023D3-V (c) INTEL
'77") It has a large square window of frosted material and the window is
rasied above the IC surface. All the D 2716s have smaller round clear
windows that are flush with the IC surface. The B part and most of the D
parts all have tinned leads and gray bodies.
>>This one is white ceramic with gold leads. I tried finding something
>>on this but have not found this particular marking and colors.
>>Anyone know the skinny?
> I looked at this picture and saw the "1602" die marking. The Intel 1602
was a PROM and not an EPROM and other than being non-eraseable was
completely compatible with the 1702. I suppose they used the same die but in
different packaging. I'm guessing that your 1702 is an early one. I just
sold a 1602 to a collector, I think it was the only one that I had ever

 I have either a 1702 or may it is a 1701, non-A, someplace.
There were not many of these made.
 Most all of the early 1702's were put into the gold lead
with the clear quartz windows, glued on. It wasn't until
later that they started to use the frosted glass and then
later still when they used the monolithic ceramic/quarts
that had the clear( but distorted ) window.
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