Little score, & possible VAX 630 rescue...

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 15:36:01 2002

        On the way home today, I decided to stop at the local Goodwill, in my
(never-ending?) search for Mac ADB keyboard cables. Well, I picked up a
working Mac SE/30 w/ keyboard for $5.00, and a 18" x 30" Guiness
chalkboard for $12.00. No keyboard cable with the Mac, though... Sigh...
The search continues...
        A local used computer shop did net me a Mac keyboard and cable, for

        Now, on to the Vax. I have a lead on a forgotten DEC Industrial Vax
630. I don't know what in it or anything yet. It's just the (about) 30"
x 19" x 10" rackmount unit.
        Apparently, about 10 -12 years ago, DEC had a contract with a Southern
CT company, that makes industrial keyboards and mice. DEC shipped them
the Vax, to test the devices, all of them. They never asked for the
machine back. The moniter that went with it has since died. That may
still be around, but I don't know. As far as they know, the Vax still
works. Well, at least last time the powered it up.
        I'm waiting to see what the company wants to do with it, but if I tell
them someone wants to buy it, that may help. It's a heavy little beast,
so shipping may be a bit much. They'll probably prefer that you pick it
up, but I'm sure something can be worked out if necessary.

        Contact me off-list.

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