20mA cable details

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Date: Mon Dec 16 15:51:01 2002

The time has come to hook my ASR33 to the PDP-8/E.

The -8/E has an M8650 (KL8E) which I've been using with RS232. However, I
have 40-way Berg connectors, and the proper AMP flat 8-way Mate-N-Lok
connector shells for the 20mA loop, and the male and female pins, and I
know which signals go on which pins. What I don't know is which end should
be male and which female, nor how many cables there should be in the chain,
because the cables were cut by the previous owner of the TTY, which has
never seen a PDP-8 in its life before :-(

There's a grey 6-core connected to the ASR33, and I *think* the male
connector (the one with the flat tongue and 6 male pins) goes on this
cable. Therefore the connector with the grooves, which the tongue slides
into, and the female "pins", does on the cable from to the PDP-8/E's Berg
connector. Yes?

Next question is, roughly how long would the original 20mA cable on the TTY
have been? My memory, reaching back two or more decades, says the cable on
the KL8E should be about a couple of feet, and the rest is all one piece,
attached to the TTY. Or would there be a third in between? I have enough
connectors to do it either way.

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