Rl drives

From: Johnny Billquist <bqt_at_update.uu.se>
Date: Mon Dec 16 18:49:02 2002

> > > I am _darn_ sure the seek function on an RK11 doesn't check sector
> > > headers (I would have to actually dig out the prints to be sure). I know
> > > I've used it to move heads around on the alignment pack, which doesn't
> > > have convnetionally recorded headers. Quite apart from the fact that an
> > > RK05/RK11 can seek on a blank disk so as to be able to format it (a blank
> > > RK05 pack really is blank).
> >
> > We must have been talking past each other here. I didn't mean that the
> > controller/drive made a check on the disk that it was on the right
> > track. The drive *knows* it's on the right track, without checking. Like
> Sorry, no it doesn't...

You're right. Too long since I worked on this, I apologize. Unless you
specify a read-all or write-all, the RK05 does check at read or write.

I should have kept my mouth shut. :-)


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