Y2K/Y10K for V5.03 of RT-11

From: Chris Craft <ccraft_at_netgenius.org>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:03:13 2002

I'd be interested on a hobbyist level, if I could run RT-11. The only os'
I've run (with any confidence/utility) on the (very excellent) Supnik 11's
are the unix variants available. I'd like to run tests for you, if I had
some pointers.

Chris Craft, RetroComputing Nut.

On Wednesday 11 December 2002 19:25, you wrote:
> I am not sure if there is any interest at all in fixing the Y2K bugs
> in V5.03 of RT-11 and making it Y2K compliant. Since V5.03
> has been widely available for a number of years and is able to
> be legally run under the Supnik emulator for hobby users, I am
> curious to find out if spending the time to port code (that I did in
> 1997) from V5.04G of RT-11 to V5.03 of RT-11 is worth while
> insofar as the Y2K bug fix is concerned. In addition, and at the
> same time, it would be very effective to add extra code to make
> RT-11 Y10K compliant and handle years up to at least 9999 CE.
> Even if you are only going to use the final product, the number of
> individuals interested in playing a role is important to ascertain.
> Please express if you would like to at least receive the changes
> to V5.03 that would make the code Y2K/Y10K compliant.
> At the present time, I assume there is absolutely no commercial
> interest in a Y2K V5.03 of RT-11. Consequently, the target of
> this post is, by default, only the hobby community. The final result
> will also be licensed for just the hobby community, so it is hoped
> that ought to prevent any complications as to who will use the
> changes and whether there will be any attempt to restrict the use
> of such changes by the hobby community.
> If there is any commercial interest, please e-mail me off
> list to find out what might be available. If the interest is
> what I think it is, I will NOT be receiving any responses
> at all for commercial use!
> Sincerely yours,
> Jerome Fine
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