Epson QX-10 CP/M disks and Operation Manual

From: Roger Bisson <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:06:49 2002

Dear ClassicCmp Readers,

I apologise for my joining the list and posting
straight away, however, my reasons for doing so are
that I have an original set of Epson QX-10 CP/M disks
and a QX-10 Operation Manual that is looking for a new

Unfortunately, I consigned a perfectly working (albeit
"screen-burnt" with ash-filled keyboard) example of a
QX-10 to the local dump a few years back.

More recently, however, while clearing out my office I
came across the virtually unused Operation Manual and
CP/M disks.

The disks are as follows (5 disks in total):

Epson MultiFonts CP/M v2.2 & MultiFonts BASIC v1.3
Epson Diagnostic Program v0305
Epson CP/M PLUS Programmers Disk
Epson CP/M PLUS Utilities Disk
Epson CP/M PLUS GSX Disk

If there is anybody who would like these disks and
manual to complement a collection or museum of sorts,
please could you contact me as soon as possible.

Best regards


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