free: two RL01 drives, PDP-11/23, rack

From: Jonathan Engdahl <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:08:23 2002

Here is what is available:

- two RL01 drives. I grabbed these to save them from the dumpster, but I
have no way to try them out.

- two PDP-11/03 (BA11) chassis. One is missing a piece of card guide, but it
can be stuffed with 11/23 boards and it will run. If you want an 11/23 board
set (KDF11-A, 256K RAM, serial/LTC) I'll throw those in too. The card cage
is missing from the second BA11, but the power supply, front panel, and fans
are there and functional.

- a 39 inch high ugly gray 19" rack that will hold the above.

- 14 RL01 disk packs. Some are labelled "RT-11 V5 + TSX", "RT-11 archive",
and "Fortran".

The RL01 stuff was all pulled out of an unheated U-store-it, and I don't
know how long it had been there. I don't much about cleaning heads and disk
packs, but I would recommend getting some expert advice and checking things
carefully before spinning these up.

The drives are missing the mounting hardware (slide-out rails, etc.), and
the cable from the controller to the first drive. I have a cable to go from
the first to the second drive, and the terminator.

Free to whoever will come take it away. Located in Chardon, OH, about an
hour east of Cleveland.

It will *not* be trashed. It doesn't take up much room, so rather than doing
a lot of work to pack it for shipment, I'd rather let it sit until someone
can come pick it up.

Jonathan Engdahl
"The things which are seen are temporary,
 but the things which are not seen are eternal."  II Cor. 4:18
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