working 11/70s available for $$$, one w/PEP-70 & hypercache

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:09:59 2002

On Friday, December 13, 2002, at 03:38 PM, Tom Uban wrote:
> I just scored a PEP-70/Hypercache pair from a guy on eBay and in my
> conversations
> with him, I've learned that he has a couple of working 11/70s, one
> with conventional
> MOS memory and the other with a PEP-70/Hypercache pair. He is a dealer
> and I have
> no association with him other than my eBay purchase. He seems like a
> nice enough
> fellow and these things are not getting any easier to find. So, for
> those who are inclined
> to spend money on their hobby computers instead of on PCs, here is the
> info.

   I find this insinuation offensive. I never spend so much as a dime
on PCs. ;)


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