JC 80 parts and maybe a complete system

From: Tothwolf <tothwolf_at_concentric.net>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:51:00 2002

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Jean-Luc Larose wrote:

> I'm a univesity student, studiying electrical engineering, in Montreal,
> Canada. I've been salvaging many old computer parts and I've come
> accross some JC80 parts. Would you be interested ?
> Trying to check what it was, I went to the University Heating plant and
> they showed me the whole JC80 sytem, now taken out of service, and
> stored for quite some time. It on a pallet, in a very relative
> condition, but it doesn't appear to be too beaten up (no obvious abuse,
> broken parts or damaged components. very dusty though :-)

If someone here on the list is near this system, and has the means, please
rescue it!

Very few, if any of these systems survived when Johnson Controls
"upgraded" sites to newer building automation systems, so this is quite a

I've posted on the list in the past about the JC80 system I've been trying
to revive, and if there is interest, I'll repost some of the details of
these systems. I have tons of documentation for these systems too, but all
of it is currently on microfiche...

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