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Date: Mon Dec 16 21:57:00 2002

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useum" writes:
>I've got into my garage an IBM 5120 machine with his printer and an external
>diskette unit with 8 inch flops.
>I've got also all documentation and technical documentation of it together
>with all operation disks.
>It's running on APL (A Program Language) and it is working.
>Does someone know if this is a machine that is worth something?

Is this another name for the 5100 with APL option? If so, my
experience is that they're made of unobtanium. If it's something
else altogether, I've never even heard of it and would thing it
at least as interesting. Bottom line: it sounds quit cool and
if you don't have room for it, I'll be glad to take it off your
hands. Just send it to...

Brian L. Stuart
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