Computers with ports coming out the front?

From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 22:43:00 2002

Heh.. While looking at a Transactor Magazine tonite (fomr something
else), I had noticed this bit in the new Products Section (from January 1986)

Commodore 64 Remote Keyboard Conversion Kit

What it is - an extension ribbon cable for the 64 keyboard top with
shells for the PCboard bottom and Keyboard top. From the news item:

Remote Keyboard Conversion Kit

If you have a Remote Keyboard Conversion Kit - Here's that you have:

[picture of keyboard in front of bottom of 64 with ports facing the keyboard]

- a keyboard for your lap, lean back-relax.
- Keyboard to pass around when playing games
- Keyboard not restricted in movement by 5 cables

- A computer with cable plugs facing you (in the 64's design that would
be Parallel user port, TV, Video, Disk Drive/Printer, Cassette and Cartridge.)

- A Computer you can change cabling and accessories easily.

- Color keyed to match the original unit (the brownish breadbox style)

Friendly Systems, Inc.
1845 Range St.
Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

(from page 77 of the Jan '86 Transactor Vol.6,Iss.4)

And didn't some rack mounted 8-bits (Apple, Atari, and 64) have the
ports out the front? I read about such units at major software places
like EA, they were custom mountings though. ... Thinking on that you
might find rack mounted PCs with forward ports too in late 80's
industrial component catalogs...

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