Old TI analog sound chip; info?

From: Davison, Lee <Lee.Davison_at_merlincommunications.com>
Date: Tue Dec 17 03:00:01 2002

> I'm looking for the documentation for the olde TI analog
> sound chip; this dates back to the late 70's early 80's if
> my memory serves me correctly. I don't even remember the
> part number. AFAIK, it had some kind of "I2L" (I squared
> el) technology or somesuch, and it was mostly analog, with
> some digital control (but nothing like a DSP or midi).

> Anyone recall this chip? Anyone have the datasheet for
> it online or willing to scan it in?

SN76477N, http://rgvac.978.org/chips/sn76477datasheet.pdf

> Background: I remember playing with it a *long* time ago,
> and wanted to model it in software :-)

I remember it well, it was the canine gonads until the AY3-8910
and it's ilk appeared.


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