Looking for certain software packaging ($$$)

From: Sue & Francois <fauradon_at_frontiernet.net>
Date: Tue Dec 17 06:28:01 2002

Would any Commodore cassette software do?
I think I have a c64 or vic 20 game that was packaged like that
I have the infocom interactive fiction a Mind forever Voyaging that is
packaged in that manner:
a cover flap like a book, a game manual bound to the box, a clear plastic
cover that protects the inside of the box (disk and accessories) the plastic
cover is removale and at no time do you have to open the box to reach the
contents. It is copyright 1985
Is that the packaging you are looking for?

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> I am searching out any retail software packaging that conforms to the
> following description:
> The front cover of the packaging has a flap that opens up (like a book) to
> reveal a manual or pamphlet inside. The flap must be part of the box
> itself, and not part of a sleeve that slips over the box.
> I have Delrina WinFax Pro 3.0 which almost fits this description but the
> flap is part of a sleeve that fits over the main box.
> Any software in question must have been published or put on the market
> prior to March of 1996. One possible example may be Delrina WinFax Pro
> 4.0 (which is what I was originally searching for a couple months back).
> If you have any software packaging that fits this description, please
> contact me directly at <sellam_at_vintage.org>.
> There is a bounty for this!
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