Computers with ports coming out the front?

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Date: Tue Dec 17 16:19:53 2002

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> Subject: Computers with ports coming out the front?
> I am trying to identify various computers that have had their ports
> situated in the front of the chassis as opposed to the back.
> The Atari 800 would be one example (game ports in the front). Are there
> any other examples anyone can think of, especially where peripheral (disk,
> printer) or perhaps network ports are concerned?

Off the top of my head:

Atari 400 (game ports)
Amstrad PCW9512 (keyboard)
Amstrad PCW10 (keyboard)
Amstrad PCW16 (keyboard)
Amstrad MegaPC (game controllers)
Apple LISA (keyboard)
BBC Micro (cheating slightly since they were underneath the machine, but
still at the front)
CBM PET 8096SK (keyboard)
CBM B700 (keyboard) and probably all other seperate-keyboard PETs

can't think of any more for now.


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