Computer Audio Tape Formats

From: Oliver Williams <>
Date: Tue Dec 17 16:23:00 2002

I vaguely remember an old standard format for this kind of thing called Kansas
City (for some reason... perhaps someone else can enlighten!). A swift
google search turned up which has a
utility which decodes this apparently. No connection to the site and haven't
tried it myself I must admit.


On Tuesday 17 December 2002 9:50 pm, tim lindner wrote:
> I am looking for information regarding how various computers wrote
> information to audio tapes.
> For example, the Tandy Color Computer wrote ones and zeros to audio tape
> in the following format:
> 'one bit': one sinusoidal cycle _at_ 2400 Hertz.
> 'zero bit': one sinusoidal cycle _at_ 1200 Hertz.
> The bit rate is variable on a CoCo tape. But averages to about 1500 bits
> per second.
> I am contemplating creating an audio tape anaylzer to help me recover
> some data. I would like to make the program useful to thoes outside the
> Color Computer community. But first I need to understand all of the
> different methods used to put data on audio tape.
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