Valuable MicroVAX-II (?)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Dec 17 16:48:00 2002

> >>I'd expect that for one with a SCSI Qbus module, but this system seems
> >>rather vanilla, except for the multiple RD54s.
> >>
> >>Who'd a thunk it?

As has been pointed out, someone is most likely after the 3 RD54's. The
thing to remember is that there are still systems being used commercially,
or by the Government that use these drives. The cost of qualifying
different hardware to move to SCSI far outweighs the cost of obtaining

> >Anyone have any ideas as to why most BA123s are missing the door that
> >covers the operator's panel? Is it just easily broken and lost?
> >
> >
> I think they were shipped broken. You had to be very careful using
> that door, or the pegs (hinges) would break off. Since all the intresting
> buttons were under the door, it needed to be opened fairly frequently.

I had one that was intact. The top peg that holds it in place and makes up
the hinge is now broken. I'm still ticked off at my Mother over that one.
I had the panel off, and she knocked it over on a hardwood floor. The
result, the peg broke off. :^( That was a few years ago, I've still got the
peg, and one of these years I'll try and patch it.

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