System/23 Support Disks

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Wed Dec 18 01:27:13 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 23:13, Bill Allen Jr wrote:
> Chris,
> are you talking about the sys/32?
If it can sit on a desk top and has a keyboard and green display then
it's a system/23 (also known as DataMaster). It used an 8085 processor,
had 128K of ROM and upto 128K of RAM. It used bank switching to be able
to access that much ROM and RAM.

It has a base of 32K RAM and one 8" floppy drive. The case could hold a
second (both drives were vertical). The case design was similar to the
5120. Even though it used an 8085 all of the character coding was in

It ran a BASIC interpreter that was compatible with the basic on

It was developed by IBM between 1979-1980 and was a milestone for IBM
because it used a non-IBM processor. It paved the way for the IBM PC
(many of the team that worked on system/23 went on to design and develop
the PC).

> i have never heard of the sys/23.
> i do have some sys/32 disks - not the ones you
> mentioned, though.
> i still have the manuals (tech binders) with the
> schematics and trouble shooting stuff and i may have
> the sys/32 ssp and a few other disks around here
> somewhere.
> i still have two sys 34's and one sys/36 in my
> collection - one of the 34's and the 36 are rare
> config's - they both have extended chassi's and extra
> hard (disk) drives in them.
> the 34 has 2 hd's and the 36 has three hd's.
> it's really interesting that the 34 has 8 inches of
> chassi added to it and the 36 has three feet of chassi
> added to it.
> i do have alot of sys/36 software and some sys/34
> software.
> if you do have a sys/32 - you can have the manuals and
> software - just arrange shipping.
> i no longer have a sys/32 and no longer need the
> stuff.
> Bill (n8uhn at yahoo dot com)
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