connecting 33 to PDP-8

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Date: Wed Dec 18 02:03:01 2002

On Dec 17, 21:40, Charles wrote:
> I have a PDP-8/I and a Model 33 but there are no connectors at
> all. The serial interface card (? M709) is there and if I run
> clipleads to the appropriate pins on its backplane socket with a
> series resistor to +12v it works, both keyboard and printer.
> What pieces am I missing? The above discussion is beyond my
> current understanding of DEC interconnect hardware. Should there
> be a card that plugs into the backplane somewhere, that has a
> pigtail hanging from it, or what? If so, what part number should I
> be searching for?

There possibly should, but I don't know much about the details of an 8/I.
 Are there wires running from those pins to another slot? An 8/E is
Omnibus, and the serial signals don't appear anywhere on the backplane, so
the only access is via the Berg connector on the (quad height) interface

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