Computers with ports coming out the front?

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Dec 18 13:36:00 2002

> I submit for your consideration, the "Gyro Mouse"... having gyros on
>the two axes - the object being you hold it in mid-air and wave it around
>to move the cursor, etc. (It was wired, BTW)
> I saw one years ago, had to have it, and soon found out it's obvious
>design flaw... you try keeping your arm and hand and mouse off the desk
>for hours at a time....

I don't think the Gyro Mouse was ever meant as a normal mouse
replacement. I think it was meant for doing presentations, where you
would most likely not have a surface to run the mouse over as you would
be standing in the front of some group, and could do nothing more than
wave your hand.

In that context, the design was fantastic... but yeah, I think it would
have been a PITA to use in place of a normal mouse.

>PS: People who use mice have clean desks, and Y'll know what *that* is a
>sign of. Gimme a nice trackball, any day....

I use a mouse (two of them, one for my Mac, one for my PC), also have two
keyboards... but I hardly have a clean desk... I have just barely enough
room to move the mice on a pad (at current, I have my soda cup sitting on
the corner of the pad as it was the only clear spot on my desk).

I just turn the mouse tracking speed WAY up, so that I can cover the
screen with just a slight flick of the wrist.

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