OT: Detachable Penis (was Re: 1977 Apple II for sale.)

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Wed Dec 18 18:02:00 2002

Actually, that was a Dave Edmunds 'cover' before Huey cut his version.

So who did the orignal??

r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:

>On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>>>>>"... for a dollar ninety-nine!"
>>>>You must be thinking of a different song. He talked him down from $22 to
>>>Seymore Crelbourn bought Audry 2 "for a dollar ninety-nine"
>>*slaps forehead* Yep, you're right.
>Not only that, but Huey Lewis bought nearly twice as much of the so-called
>"baddest stew in the land" as he could stomach, for that price. (;

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