Apple quality, was Re: Sharp MZ-80B boot disk

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Thu Dec 19 18:01:00 2002

At 07:47 AM 12/19/02 -0800, you wrote:
>One thing about Apple, they are expensive, but they're built very well.

I have to disagree here -- I have a PowerBook G4 that is not "built very well."

The battery latch no longer releases the battery -- a screwdriver is necessary
to pry it out.

The rubber nubs on either side of the keyboard are gone, leading to an
impression of the keyboard pressed into the screen.

The latch doesn't always close correctly, or stay closed.

Several co-workers have had the case around the headphone jack crack.

The hinge eventually loses friction, leading to the inability to keep the
at the desired angle.

Ask Tom Owad about the paint coming off his G4.


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