Question about TI calculator

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Thu Dec 19 18:30:01 2002

Well, after a little more searching, it appears that the circuit inside
the BP-8 battery pack is a step-up circuit to generate 9 volts. But
I'll wait to hear from someone here with actual experience before I hook
up a 9v battery.

Dave Mabry wrote:
> I became the grateful recipient of a TI Programmer today. A buddy at
> work said "here, you like calculators, right? Better than throwing it
> away." Well, I said "thanks!"
> Now, in looking about the internet for some info on the battery styles
> for these things, I have a couple of questions that I cound't find the
> answer to.
> This calculator has a battery pack called BP-8 which has 2 AA ni-cads
> and a small circuit in it. It connects to the calculator internally
> with a connector that would also mechanically mate to a 9 volt battery.
> Now I would not expect a 9 volt battery to work where 2 AA's work, but
> I'm not sure. In looking at Gene's web site he says the BP-8 is also
> used on the TI-30 and I see TI-30's on ebay saying that they work with 9
> volt batteries.
> I will replace the two AA's with new ones. That should make the BP-8
> good again.
> I guess the is a roundabout way of asking for some background on the
> power requirements of this calculator. Unfortunately my buddy had lost
> the AC adapter (apparently it was an AC-9132, thanks Gene!). So I'll be
> looking for one of those. 5.7v, 240ma, and that small 2-pin connector.
> Thanks for any help.

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