CompuPro RAM board settings

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Thu Dec 19 21:47:01 2002

a little googling returned the following... - This gent has his system still with a
ram20 in it

hope these help you.

At 09:58 PM 12/19/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello, all:
> I just got a CompuPro RAM20 memory board with no manual. I'm looking
>for the DIP switch settings specifically, but a copy of the manual would be
>very helpful.
> It's missing two chips...a 74LS74 at U6 and a 25LS2521 at U10. The
>memory array is 8 columns of 8 chips, type MM2147J. I'm thinking that these
>are 2kx1 chips, resulting in a 16k board.
> Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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