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From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Dec 20 09:10:55 2002


   I had a NIB TI programmer and it could use regular 9V batteries or the rechargeable NiCad pack. I don't remember if you could use the AC adapter when the standard 9V battery was installed but I think you could. I'm not sure if it had a separate holder for the 9V battery but I don't think it did, I think you just pulled out the NiCad and put in the 9v battery.

   I've been meaning to E-mail you. I moved the MDS to Leesburg last week. I looked it over, it looks like it's in pretty good condition except that it's filthy. The internal drive is connected to the card in the back so it's set up as SSSD. The only card in the MDS is an 8085 CPU card and the only card in the expansion is an FM controller but I expect that you have plenty of cards for it.


At 07:14 PM 12/19/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I became the grateful recipient of a TI Programmer today. A buddy at
>work said "here, you like calculators, right? Better than throwing it
>away." Well, I said "thanks!"
>Now, in looking about the internet for some info on the battery styles
>for these things, I have a couple of questions that I cound't find the
>answer to.
>This calculator has a battery pack called BP-8 which has 2 AA ni-cads
>and a small circuit in it. It connects to the calculator internally
>with a connector that would also mechanically mate to a 9 volt battery.
> Now I would not expect a 9 volt battery to work where 2 AA's work, but
>I'm not sure. In looking at Gene's web site he says the BP-8 is also
>used on the TI-30 and I see TI-30's on ebay saying that they work with 9
>volt batteries.
>I will replace the two AA's with new ones. That should make the BP-8
>good again.
>I guess the is a roundabout way of asking for some background on the
>power requirements of this calculator. Unfortunately my buddy had lost
>the AC adapter (apparently it was an AC-9132, thanks Gene!). So I'll be
>looking for one of those. 5.7v, 240ma, and that small 2-pin connector.
>Thanks for any help.
>Dave Mabry
>Dossin Museum Underwater Research Team
>NACD #2093
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