Brag: Scope probes

From: Peter C. Wallace <>
Date: Fri Dec 20 15:56:01 2002

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Gunther Schadow wrote:

> Hehe, you must have very special probe connectors. Here's what I
> did as the cheapie that I am: I took an old Ethernet BNC cable,
> cut it in half and behold I had two scope probes :-). As an added
> value that I still haven't gotten around doing, I will add some
> cable-shoes at the end. Works for my purposes.
> -Gunther

Add a 453 Ohm non-inductive series resistor on the end of the cable (and a 50
Ohm terminator on the scope end if you do not have 50 Ohm inputs) and you will
have a 10/1 probe with 500 Ohm input impedance and at least a couple hundred
MHz bandwidth...

If the 500 Ohm impedance bothers you just remember that a standard 20 pF input
impedance scope probe has about the same capacitive reactance at 16 MHz...

> Tothwolf wrote:
> > I *finally* managed to get probes for my Tektronix 2213 scopes late this
> > last week. I still can't quite decide which project to tackle first ;P
> >
> > Unfortunately, most of the P6120 probes are missing the slip-on clip and
> > ground leads, so I appear to have some more searching ahead of me. Only
> > one probe has a ground lead, which has obviously been damaged and repaired
> > by a previous owner. I suspect and hope that the ground leads and clips
> > will be easier to find than the rest of the probe. Does anyone know
> > offhand of a source for these parts? I don't expect Tektronix to have the
> > parts still available, since they told me that they sold off all parts and
> > spares for the 2213 series to GTE. The last time I talked to someone at
> > GTE about 2213 parts, they were less than helpful, and suggested I either
> > send them the scope for repairs (it just needs the plastic front panel) or
> > go buy a new scope.
> >
> > -Toth
> >

Peter Wallace
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