Acorn A3000 and A3010 (was: Re: Apple disk controllers)

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Date: Fri Dec 20 17:43:02 2002

On Dec 20, 17:35, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Frank McConnell wrote:
> > There was also a Vista 8" floppy controller for the Apple ][, built
> > around the WDC 1793 I think. I have one of those in a Basis 108.
> 1793? That was in the same family as the WD1770 and 1772, wasn't it?

Same manufacturer but different family, and not interchangeable.

> Speaking of which, has anyone got a WD1772 spare? I'd like to put a
> high-density (1.6MB) disc drive in my Acorn A3000, but the instructions
> got to upgrade it say that I've got to use a WD1772 with an 02-02 batch
> code.

Yes, they can run at a higher clock speed. About the only place you find
them are in Atari 520s and 1024s.

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