Atari PCH204

From: Witchy <>
Date: Mon Dec 23 12:56:39 2002

Hi all,

Xmas greetings from a slightly warmer and definitely more damp than last
week UK :)

Having moved my entire collection back to the house over the weekend (which
is a clever thing to do with cracked/broken ribs I'm sure) I rediscovered my
Atari PC-1 and its external drive - the PCH204. Google turns up nothing
about this drive apart from an ebay auction back in 2000 and a polish
newsgroup, so does anyone know anything about it and it's (presumably) SASI
interface for the PC-1? All the bumf I can find on the PC-1 says there was
no expandability, but I've got an expanded one :)

Any help gratefully received.


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