WTD: TMS2532, HN462532 or 2732 EPROMs

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Date: Mon Dec 23 15:33:00 2002

On Dec 23, 0:04, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> You lucky devil! A Dataman S3 (aka "Softy 3")? I saw an S4 for ?165 at a
> hamfest. Had there been a bank machine within 10 miles I would have
> it.

It would have been a good buy. With the right adaptor , it can also do
several types of PALs, GALS, and other devices. Sadly, my S3 is rather
more limited. OTOH, it cost less than ?165.

> But there is some consolation. I'm getting an Elnec PrEPROM-02aLV EPROM
> programmer for Christmas, so all is not lost.

That will certainly do the job.

> > I can check the Hitachi data
> > sheets to make sure it uses the correct parameters for OTP devices,
> > in case they're different from "normal" EPROMs.
> That would be great - have you got a copy of the TI TMS2532 datasheet,

The OTP package is identical to the ceramic/quartz package, so no problem
there. The HN462532 is pin-compatible to the TMS2532 as well, so that's no
problem either. Both use a single 50ms programing pulse with Vpp=25V.

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