Anyone have a Western Digital XT-IDE hard card or ROM image?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Dec 24 17:48:00 2002

I've been trying to extract the data off of a 20MB XT-IDE drive
(WD-93024X) that was once part of a hard card. It has the software
for my B&C Microsystems UP600 device programmer. Too many swaps
and not enough sleep later, I have inserted the card in backwards
(no bracket and it's an 8-bit card). It's now DOA. The Compaq
Portable II I'm using complains of an I/O ROM error.

So... I can check/replace any of the TTL on the card (74LS13, 74LS14,
74LS244, 74LS30, 73LS260), but the contents of the 2764 are possibly
lost to me. Does anyone have a ROM image or an old XT-IDE hard card?

The P/N on the ROM is 62-000352-031. The assy no. on the PCB is
60-000227-03, the P/N appears to be 61-000347-01.

No smoke got out, but it sure is unhappy.

Thanks for any assistance.


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