Atari PCH204

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Date: Tue Dec 24 21:49:16 2002

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> Hi Witchy,
> I've got a stack of the buggers in my storage room.
> Basically they were
> intended for use on the PC Series of computers. Interestingly enough,
> Atari had about 3 different versions of them, one with an Atari ASCI
> interface, others SASI and another straight MFM. Inside the
> PC-1's is an
> ISA compatible set of headers and you plugged an adaptec
> controller card in
> and it would have an external interface port, one had straight
> pinouts going
> to a ribbon cable into the PCH204 with an internal MFM controller. I
> don't think Atari really knew which way that had wanted to go at the time
> and while it was a very big and bold project, they canned the PC-1 just a
> few months after its launch realizing it was too little too late in
> releasing an XT-ish clone in 87 and they concentrated on their
> 286, 386 and
> 486sx clones.

Thanks for that, Curt and Hans.

I'm now going to have to delve thru the layers of shielding to see exactly
what's what now; it's been a couple of years since I last had them in bits
when the machine wouldn't boot because the drive had seized. Mine has the
ribbon cable between the 2 boxes, but I remember thinking it looked like
some sort of SCSI/SASI drive though, not MFM, or did some 3 1/2" MFM drives
also have the berg style connector on?

There's not a lot of info on the web about this machine and the PC2 and PC3
either - I would've thought the likes of would have access
to all the details.

Oh, and if you fancy parting with one of the drives I know someone in
Belgium who's very interested :)


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