VAX 11/780 anyone with some working experience out there?

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Wed Dec 25 13:04:00 2002

>As for a second RX01, I cannot help you. On the 86x0 you have a command
to say that you really want >to play with a second RL02 instead of the
standard one, but it's not very easy to use, and not
>really ment for customers to play with. Then again, there isn't even a
DIR command on the 86x0
>console (nor a command file to do the same).

I should read those 8600 manuals but, not having an actual
8600, I lack the incentive :-) On the 11/780 that I
used briefly many years ago, you could get to the console
devices by doing CONNECT CONSOLE within SYSGEN and then
the CSA0: and CSA1: devices were available (this is
under VMS). The EXCHANGE utility could then get to
the RT-11 formatted data. Similar deal for the
VAX 82x0/83x0 and its RX50. I'd expect that something
similar would apply to the VAX 8600.

>As for copying the RX01. Install VMS on a drive, and play with that.
>You have a command file for making copies of the console media there.

I seem to remember Gunther and VMS not being such good
friends last time around on a VAX 6000 - maybe he should
try a smaller system first :-)

I'm pretty sure that something like:

should help (OK - I forget how to drive exchange!).

I don't remember whether the console devices will be
CSA1: and CSA2: or CSA0: and CSA1: ... SHOW DEVICE CS
will sort that out.

Merry Christmas,

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