RS232 or Parallel port based keyboards and joysticks

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 25 15:14:01 2002

--- "Ram & Suganthi M." <> wrote:
> I found the following website that basically does what I need using a SUN
> Keyboard:

Excellent! Thanks for the pointer. I was recently asking about
how to convert a PS/2 keyboard into RS-232. Since I have a quantity
of Sun4 and Sun5 keyboards, this is a reasonable substitute.

It's a solvable problem, but now the issue is baud rate... I'll
have to build a box that speaks 1200 baud to the keyboard and
does any filtering, etc., and speaks 9600 baud to the target.
> As for joysticks, is the gameport joysticks a version of an RS232?

No. They are resistive devices that are read by using a timer to
count ticks for a simple RC circuit to trigger.

I think someone pointed out that there is a Gravis product for laptops
that _is_ a serial gamepad.

I got a job once because someone asked how to hook a joystick up to
an Alpha-based (Kubota) workstation under Digital Unix. My answer
was of sufficient complexity that I was cut off in the middle with,
"how soon can you come to New York?" Had a great week. The result
was a virtual reality exhibit at the Wexner Center for the Arts
including an invite to the opening and my name on the wall with the
other people on the project. Big fun! Wouldn't have happened if
that laptop gamepad had existed 8 years ago.


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