Thrift Find: New Mattel Aquarius

From: Robert F. Schaefer <>
Date: Wed Dec 25 19:01:00 2002

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Sent: Wednesday, December 25, 2002 4:21 PM
Subject: Thrift Find: New Mattel Aquarius

> I was browsing at the Goodwill yesterday and ran across what seemed
> to be a new (out of box) Mattel Aquarius. It still had the plastic
> protector on the wall wart pins, and there were no scratches on
> those mains pins. The unit was clean overall with no noticable
> scratches or wear. Has cassette cable. The downside: $24.95. White tag,
> so no possibility of a discount.

Oof. I'm so disappointed with the local thrift stores-- aren't they
supposed to be non-profit?

> I've kinda always wanted an Aquarius, but that seems high to me. Am I
> wrong?

Well, as another data point, I got my Aquarius, mostly in the box, for IIRC
US$2.98. Also, got tape deck, printer, expansion module, 4k RAM cart., and
a few games, also for US$2.98 each, also mostly in boxes. Total payout was
right around your price. I only picked it up because there were so many
pieces. I've been trying to get around to offering it for trade. If you
want it, stop by and pick it up. If anyone else wants it, I'd like to
recoupe my initial investment, preferably in trade for other classic

> I left it on the shelf. Did pick up an Apple PowerMac AV card with
> a pair of the mini-DIN-to-RCA input/output cables and a System 7.5
> CD in the box - $5.

Which store? That new one across from Big Bear? I picked up DOS 5.0 from
there for a buck or so, but passed up the cracked LCD screens. Somebody
must've dropped off a load of broken parts. Assholes.

> -ethan

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