Trying to make a connector for my Documation M200 card reader

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Dec 25 22:22:01 2002

So I'm using the holiday pause to hopefully get my project to build an
interface for my Documation M200 card reader back on track.

I'm using an Apple ][ with a serial card and custom 6522 VIA card as a
parallel to serial converter. The 6522 has just enough inputs to read all
data and signal lines from the reader.

The documenation from the reader is online thanks to David Gesswein. It
has been very helpful, but proves to be too cryptic for this novice to be
able to build the connector. I have the ELCO connector almost all wired
up. The last step is to get the wiring between the cable and the 6522
VIA connector bridge that I've built.

The manual says the output is a "type 7404 TTL output" and a diagram in
the same shows some voltages and current draws that make no sense to me
and don't really facilitate an understanding (at least to this untrained
eye) of what to expect on the pins as data is read.
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