Atari PCH204

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Dec 27 05:36:00 2002

> I'm working on a more indepth look at the PC-1's sometime in the future,
> there's so many items from Atari I try to do a little bit on each area
> across the board and I would certainly like to put a lot more up about the
> PC-1's, they were very elegantly designed machines, their only flaw is that
> they were only 8088's and not something a tad bit more powerful, but they
> run the original version of GEM perfectly :-)

I liked the PC-1, due it's compactness ... it is also a
prime example how Atari or better Tramiel was still staring
at Commodore. Down to the name a real counterpart to the
Commodore PC-1 ...



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