Amplifier manuals

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Dec 27 16:23:00 2002

This isn't exactly on topic as it isn't computer stuff, but it is older
than 10 years, and I know there are some audio people on this list.

I have the following amplifier manuals or data sheets available:

-Shure Data Sheet for models M68, M68FC, M68FCE
-Realistic MPA-35 owners manual
-Realistic MPA-100 owners manual
-Bogen Installation and Operation Manual for models CHS-35A, CHS-60A,
-Shure Data Sheet/Manual for models AMS4000, AMS8000
-TOA manual for models A-903, A-906, A-912
-EDCOR data sheet for model MA-35 (two of these)

If anyone wants them, just give me an address to mail them to and a list
of the ones you want.

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