DEC 3000 300X/300

From: Bradley Slavik <>
Date: Fri Dec 27 20:44:00 2002

I finally am almost within reach of getting my DEC 3000 300 working. A few
years ago I foolishly purchased it without memory, thinking it would be a
simple matter to inexpensively pick up some memory later. How wrong I was.
Now I have purchased a DEC 3000 300X with 160MB memory with the intention of
lending 32MB to the 300. Now I look at the back of the machine and my main
question is what cable do I need to hook up my VT220, or my VT420, or what
model monitor with keyboard and mouse is this thing supposed to work with?

In a typical DEC fashion, in the manual they do not mention model numbers of
monitor to go with it, but there are rough instructions that I may be able
to follow to get dumb terminal console working. I would ideally like to have
real monitor on 300X, VT420 on 300, leaving my VT220 free for my MicroVax

Oh yeah, I have a TK50 in MicroVax II currently. I also have TK70 with
correct controller board that I would like to put in its place. Friend who I
acquired MicroVax II from claimed that I needed different cable to go from
TK70 controller card to TK70 drive than cable for TK50. It looks to me like
both cables have 26 pins in two rows of thirteen. I suppose one of the
cables might not be straight through but have a twist/transposition of pins.
Will my current cable work? Do I need a new one? Once I get it working,
anyone want the TK50 drive and controller card?

Bradley Slavik
Received on Fri Dec 27 2002 - 20:44:00 GMT

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