DEC 11/03 on eBay

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sat Dec 28 07:29:00 2002

>John Lawson wrote:

> An interesting 11/03 system, has twin DSD 8" drives, and some kind of
> DSD data acquisition card (A/D D/A???) dunno can't see enough detail in
> the pics.
> Seller seems to be rather.... well, 'scattered'.... ;}
> Cheers
> John

Jerome Fine replies:

Seller also seems to has used an out-of-focus set of shots to blur
any damage.

At the current price of $ US 9.99, that would seem to be about
the limit as far as value is concerned. I would not have him power
things on - too much risk.

If you don't have a lot of hardware technical skills, I strongly
recommend against this. Indeed, you should probably already
be familiar with the equipment. It is VERY heavy and shipping
could cost $ US 100.

By the way, the DSD 8" drives are the 8" RX02 compatibles
to the DEC RX02 dual drive - i.e. 8" DDSS floppy media -
as opposed to IBM 8" floppy media which were SDSS that
DEC called RX01 8" floppy media. These are NOT 8" hard

BUT, if you just want something to display that doesn't really
need to function OR you want some of the boards just for
spares, then at $ US 9.99, it is probably a good buy.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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