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From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sat Dec 28 16:34:00 2002

>John Lawson wrote:

> > On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> > Seller also seems to has used an out-of-focus set of shots to blur
> > any damage.
> Gee, Jerry, I dunno... the cat seemed pretty sharp to me.... ;)
> John

Jerome Fine replies:

I don't normally reply to the banter, but in regard to the cat?
A cat that looks almost identical "ADOPTED" my wife about
3 years ago. She is a stray and stays out almost all summer
in Toronto when it is warm. In the winter, right now there is
about 2" of snow on the ground (Toronto does NOT get the
snow storms that Buffalo gets), so she only goes out for an
hour or two each day - 15 minutes at a time. She hates being
cold. Every time the door bell rings, she runs upstairs and
hides under the bed - when she is already inside - obviously.

As for her claws - they are VERY, VERY SHARP!! She
needs them to climb the trees and the fence. And her teeth are
just as sharp.

YES!! I admit that I also love her very much.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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