Section 9? (HP 1000 power supply)

From: Glen S <>
Date: Sat Dec 28 18:28:00 2002

I have some HP 1000 E/F docs including some power supply docs and at one
point I did look at them to see if I could find information about that
battery resister. I never found it.

But someone else on the list told me that something like an 880ohm resister
across the left most and right most terminals of the middle row of the
battery connector input would trigger the power supply to power up all of
the way. That did the trick for the HP 1000 / 2117F that I have.


>I've found the .pdf version of the HP 1000/M/E/F Engineering Docs, but
>every copy I've been able to access is missing section 9 (still can't keep
>track of the Roman Numerals they mark the sections with) which covers the
>power supply.
>There seems something a tad 'twinky' with mine, tho I seem to recall at
>one point someone had directed me to a jumper/resistor that needed to be
>installed at the 'Battery Input' connector on the rear to wake something
>up, but of course now that I'm working on it I can't find anything...

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