WWII fire control 'computers'

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Date: Sun Dec 29 15:26:00 2002

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> > A bit (er, lot!) of a long shot this, but it's probably vaguely
> All questions about fire control computers involve shots...
> > Does anyone know anything about the mechanical fire control computers as
> > in second world war for UK coastal defence batteries?
> You might try posting this question to the guys that know, on the
> coastal-defense mail list (yes, there is a list for geeks of all kinds).
> I can post the question to the list, if you wish.

Ok, I'll bite. Got a URL? I'm up to the 10th page on google, but nothing
recognizable. --Say, it's not a yahoo group, is it? Looks like there might
be a costal defense group there, but I don't want to hit up yahoo unless
it's really worth it.

> William Donzelli

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