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From: Frank Arnold <fm.arnold_at_gmx.net>
Date: Mon Dec 30 00:11:23 2002

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>Subject: DEC 3000 300X/300
>From: Bradley Slavik <fire_at_dls.net>
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>I finally am almost within reach of getting my DEC 3000 300 working. A few
>years ago I foolishly purchased it without memory, thinking it would be a
>simple matter to inexpensively pick up some memory later. How wrong I was.
>Now I have purchased a DEC 3000 300X with 160MB memory with the intention of
>lending 32MB to the 300.

My 300LX uses 8 or 32 mb 72 pin FPM-DIMM's (with Parity, that's important!).
Did not try 16 or 64 mb modules, anyone else?

>Now I look at the back of the machine and my main
>question is what cable do I need to hook up my VT220, or my VT420, or what
>model monitor with keyboard and mouse is this thing supposed to work with?
>In a typical DEC fashion, in the manual they do not mention model numbers of
>monitor to go with it, but there are rough instructions that I may be able
>to follow to get dumb terminal console working. I would ideally like to have
>real monitor on 300X,

Read the manual at page 1-3 for supported monitors.

I think you are aware of Keyboard-mouse Cable 17-02640-01 and the DEC-protocol
of the mouse. Otherwise see:
http://www.netclique.net/oldmouse/Hawley/DEC-VAX.html or
=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&selm=20021016091543.01470.00001267%40mb-mb.aol.com&rnum=4 (on
one line).

>VT420 on 300, leaving my VT220 free for my MicroVax II.

Any ascii-terminal will work, use 9600 baud setting. I just tried to connect a
VT220 to my 300LX to the 25 pole D-connector (plug 4 on page 3-6) and was
successful with a BC22A-25 cable. (Dont forget to detach the keyboard from
300LX!) It takes about 1-2 minutes before the first text appears to the serial
terminal. Output comes just after the 3-tone melody. Build-in CRT-output comes
much faster.

I have a VR297-DA, and tried to connect it to the 300LX to no success. (There
is some picture and synchronisation, but the information appears 5 times
adjacent, and is not readable.) Either this monitor does not match the 300LX or
the video-setup of the internal adapter has the wrong parameters. Anyone some
clues about this? To what workstation will the VR297-DA fit?

I hope this helps you.

Frank Arnold
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