DIY Equipment Racks

From: Robert F. Schaefer <>
Date: Mon Dec 30 05:33:00 2002

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> On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, R. D. Davis wrote:
> Well, it sounds workable, but it's honestly probably more expensive
> than buying a used rack. My boss just bought one, a 72"x19" with 2 PDU
> bars, front and rear doors, and 8 shelves, for $85.
> One of the VERY nice features of a fully enclosed rack, wood or steel,
> is the noise reduction. We had 4 PCs, a Cisco router, a 43P RS/6000,
> and my Ultra1 going in there. Now everything but the Cisco is in the
> rack, and the noise level has been cut by at least half. We
> rubber-glued thin, dense foam inside the side panels and doors (being
> careful not to restrict airflow).

You can find them cheaper than that even. I picked up an old statmux
locally for $20. Had to strip the guts out, but it had something like 25
6502s running it, along with some oddball EPROMs and other interesting
chips. I passed them along to someone who could put them to use, and now I
have a nice 72" inclosed rack with front & back doors, removable sides, and
two fans in the top, one of which doesn't spin up. A **LOT** cheaper than a
new rack!

> Machine room/office is much neater, much cooler, since we stuck the
> rack under the return-air duct, and *much* quieter.

Alas, the VAX 6320 and DEC 3000 800 won't fit in the rack, so the basement
is never going to be truely quiet without a power loss. ;)

> Doc

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