DIY Equipment Racks

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Mon Dec 30 07:23:01 2002

"R. D. Davis" wrote:
> While thinking about racks to use for mounting my PDP-11/44
> components, as well as other equipment from test equipment to audio
> and synth equipment, something just occured to me: why bother with
> hunting down steel racks when some 2x4s and lag bolts may suffice just
> as well? I was thinking that one can just run 2x4s from the basement
> floor up to the heavy wooden rafters, attach them to the rafters, and
> then add horizontal supports at the bottom to space the vertical 2x4s
> apart properly. Any thoughts on this? I guess the museum-type
> equipment purists won't like the idea, but it would be a cheap and
> functional solution for many of us. :-) Has anyone else here tried
> this?

It would work but very tacky, and not readily changeable without really
tearing up the lumber.

I do know that L iron is available with tapped/untapped RETMA/IEC holes
in standard spacing. I'd go that route.

Hamfests might be a source for racks, but less and less of that is
appearing anymore due to the fact most hams carry their radios on the
hip rather than rack-mounting them. Last rack cabinet I bought was $2
(ex-school PA system). I did see a nice NEW extruded aluminum open
channel 7' rack for $100 at a hamfest. Most likely you'll see smaller
cabinets, but you never know unless you go to as many as possible.

You might check with local radio/television stations and see if they
have some older racks around. Many of those are too shallow for the new
equipment, or they are surplus from an old location.

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO
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