Lisa jittery screens

From: Jeffrey H. Ingber <>
Date: Mon Dec 30 19:45:01 2002

I have two different Lisa machines and both have a jittery display (one
1.2AMP PSU, 1 1.8 AMP PSU). I've followed the instructions in the Sun
Rem. guide to adjust the power supply output. This works immediately
after the adjustment, but the problem gradually comes back over time. I
adjusted both machines around the September timeframe and the jitters
have back on both machines. I'd like to get both of these machines in
top-shape so I can have them running at my New Years party =)

Before I go through the adjustment again, is there anything else I
should be checking? I've also tried adjusting the V.Hold, but this
doesn't seem to make a difference. Maybe I'm not using a precise enough

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