DEC 3000 300X/300

From: Don Mitchell <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 13:14:53 2002


Pat's advice about using RJ11 with the tab cut
off is workable, but it's probably better to use
MMJ if you possibly can.

MMJ connectors are easy to find, and DB25 - MMJ
adaptors are also easy to find. Then, all
that's needed is 6 conductor flat cable, also
easy to find, and an MMJ crimper -- not very
easy to find, and expensive.

I can easily make up MMJ cable(s) for you if you
need one or two. I can check my stock of
DB25/MMJ adaptors, too. What gender DB25 is
needed? (I don't have a 3000 to look at, to
make sure.)

email me off list -- we can get this one worked

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