Lisa jittery screens

From: Jeffrey H. Ingber <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 16:42:00 2002


That fixed the jittering on both machines to a large degree. I hit the
pots with a quick burst of contact cleaner and that finished off the
problem completely. The display is as good as new.

Thanks a bunch!

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 07:47, Chandra Bajpai wrote:
> This happened to my Lisa, after consulting with some Lisa experts found
> the fix was really easy. Take the top cover off the Lisa to expose the
> Lisa Video Board. You'll see 3 small Pots on top of the video board,
> over time the contacts oxide to cause the with the Lisa on
> and with a small screw driver, *slightly* adjust each pot to wipe away
> the oxidation..return the pot to the original setting.
> -Chandra
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> I have two different Lisa machines and both have a jittery display (one
> 1.2AMP PSU, 1 1.8 AMP PSU). I've followed the instructions in the Sun
> Rem. guide to adjust the power supply output. This works immediately
> after the adjustment, but the problem gradually comes back over time. I
> adjusted both machines around the September timeframe and the jitters
> have back on both machines. I'd like to get both of these machines in
> top-shape so I can have them running at my New Years party =)
> Before I go through the adjustment again, is there anything else I
> should be checking? I've also tried adjusting the V.Hold, but this
> doesn't seem to make a difference. Maybe I'm not using a precise enough
> adjustment?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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